Marcus Wilkinson, a conceptual art and design specialist and niche retailer, has over 25 years experience in this sector, whilst Managing Director Michael Young, brings strategic direction, project management and marketing expertise to the business. Jonathan Bushby is Finance Director and has a successful background in media & technology. Malcolm McLean is a non Executive Director and is an entrepreneur who has established businesses in property development, retail and information technology.

Our objectives are to;

Discover unique and exciting designers and artists and provide them with the opportunity to achieve their ultimate creative potential in an environment where they know very few boundaries.

Enable our designers and artists the freedom to work with exotic materials and processes that further enhance their unique creations.

Produce exclusive limited editions using local artisans and craftsmen and traditional manufacturing techniques.

Present our finished creations to the most discerning clients, through exclusive galleries, supported by a network of strategic partners.

Our offices are based in Grantham, Lincolnshire which provides a central location, accessible by car from the A1 or approximately one hours train journey from London King’s Cross.


Our designers and artists combine the aesthetic beauty of art with functional form. Their creations are totally original and are sculpted, modelled or cast in a variety of materials including wood, bronze, aluminium, precious metals, glass, ceramics and leather.

Our limited editions can only be viewed by personal invitation - this preserves the integrity of the artwork and exclusivity of the design, whilst ensuring excitement and drama from the moment of ‘unveiling’. Each design is unique and inspirational and will make a statement in any environment. Our conceptual creations combine many types of art with functional form and can range from a highly inspirational furniture design to a complex and unorthodox mechanical device.

Our designers and artists are inspired by many influences and as such their work can be visually and intellectually challenging. Their unique designs will appeal to individuals and collectors who not only appreciate the aesthetics of the creation, but have an interest in its evolution.

We understand that the philosophy and creative culture behind our unique designs is key, therefore meeting the designers or artists and understanding more fully the inspirations and influences behind their designs is an important part of this process.

Through photography, film and the written word, we capture the fascinating life story of our designers and artists and their designs; this enables us to share the inspiration, culture and provenance of our limited editions with you.

Each design from our collection is created and marketed strictly as a certified limited edition, therefore it will always be a privilege to have the opportunity to own one. This level of exclusivity further adds to the desirability of the design, the recognition of the designer, as well as the appreciating value of the investment.

ONEOFONE The Foundry, Harlaxton Park, Harlaxton, Grantham, UK, NG32 1HQ
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